Found Objects 02/09/13

Greetings cybernauts:

  • Interview of the week, possibly the month, the Guardian speak with ‘wrecker of civilisation’ Genesis P. Orridge
  • Meanwhile the Telegraph keeps it light with the trailer to a new feature about the most famous cat on the webz
  • These are a pure joy. Music videos chosen by Prosthetic Knowledge. Just why is the forefront of tech so uncanny and funny?
  • PhD funding shocker. Now two post grads have put their heads together to beat Facebook addiction.
  • Mostafa Heddaya (Hyperallergic) wonders what it meant to be alternative at the Alternative Guide to the Universe at the Hayward in London
  • Here’s a journey I have made thousands of times but never with such an ace vantage point and satisfying sense of historical continuity. London to Brighton
  • The Onion are first with the story behind the story. CNN explain why they went big on that Miley Cyrus performance
  • Just possibly the best infographic ever, director Alfred Hitchcock’s myriad obsessions: falls, journeys, deaths, blondes, etc
  • The Guardian carries a video of a day in the life of the world’s most expensive footballer. There is something a bit humdrum about the whole thing
  • Finally, poet Paul Muldoon eulogises poet Seamus Heaney in the New Yorker. Saddening.

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