Found Objects 03/04/11

It seems about time criticismism did some aggregation. So from now on I’ll try to post links to some of the news stories, features, blog posts, videos etc, which I’ve enjoyed on any given week.

So here goes:

  • My first virtual found object has to be the first show by Dead Hare Radio. It features a chat with art blogger Caroline Miranda from, who among other things can tell you how and why to aggregate web links. Thanks to all involved!
  • Journalists or bloggers of any description may like this celebration of the trade by Jeff McMahon at Contrary Magazine. Journos get a William Burroughs-style junk sickness, apparently.
  • I really enjoyed this urgent report about the progress of Kasimir Malevich’s Black Sqaure. Blogger Vvoi from New Art describes his encounter with the painting at the State Gallery in Moscow.
  • After reading these two reviews of the Watteau show currently at the Wallace Collection, I feel satisfied and yet dissatisfied: the former because they tell me so much about it; the latter because I now so much want to see the exhibition for myself. They are by Fisun Güner in New Statesman and Charles Darwent in the Independent.
  • But here’s an altogether different sort of review by Hrag Vartanian at Hyperallergic. The future of art criticism? Perhaps.
  • The usual sight of a farmer’s market in Brighton this weekend got a bit more interesting after reading this piece in Frieze about locavorism, urban agriculture and restaurants as art. It also includes a couple of tasty tidbits about Gordon Matta-Clark.
  • In the wake of Tate’s acquisition of a £65.5m Picasso, here’s the most racy analysis of artwork-as-commodity you are likely to read all year, from Ben Street’s blog on Art21.
  • Jonathan Jones at the Guardian makes the shocking claim that artists should (occasionally) be able to paint and draw.
  • A press release can still reach where a spray can can’t: Street Art at MoCA in Los Angeles. Oh, and there’s this.

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