Found Objects 03/10/11

Weekend shenanigans have led to a late and somewhat hasty collection of links this week. But nonetheless I hope you enjoy:

  • There are plenty of laughs here as Hennessy ‘Art Thoughtz’ Youngman makes an offline appearance at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
  • Pictures are well worth 1,000 words as this Wells Tower flash fiction, alongside paintings by John Currin, demontrates (thanks @hollyjdawson)
  • It’s RIP Evil as Slate magazine considers some recent advances in neuroscience which might themselves be put to bad ends
  • Tyler Green has done a spot of intrepid reporting and asks why there’s a missing Woman in the blockbuster De Kooning show at MoMA New York. It’s a bit of a shocker
  • Short but sweet: this animation tracks a viewer’s gaze over a work by victorian doom-monger John Martin
  • Speaking of doom-mongers, Edward Winkleman offers calming thoughts on Alessio Rastani, the trader who told viewers of BBC TV that Goldman Sachs rules the world
  • It’s always a pleasure to read Geoff Dyer. Here the novelist/essayist responds to a vision of Eden by Lucas Cranach the Elder
  • Artist blogs via Twitter Part I: serial drama as Corinna Spencer narrates a lost world of Victoriana, circuses and erotica (follow @Corr_)
  • Artist blogs via Twitter Part II: portraitist David Dipré slices open faces to reveal subjects’ inner abstractions (follow @daviddipre)

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