Found Objects 03/12/12

Ignoring the three hour old news about the Turner Prize, here are a week’s worth of high quality links:

  • You live by the market, you die by the market. Business Week reports that Damien Hirst has officially jumped the shark
  • Guest on this week’s Modern Art Podcast is Sophie Calle. Find out where she plans to be buried and savour the French artist’s unlikely sense of humour
  • This is just plain awesome: a part ruined, part working, fully faithful reconstruction of the Colosseum in Rome; and it’s all made out of Lego
  • Tower Hamlet resident Lizzie Homersham puts her blog to good use with a letter to the Mayor, with regards to the impending sale of a valuable Henry Moore
  • It’s now cool to slag off art. So does that mean that slagging off art will soon become just as uncool as art. We need to know, meanwhile there’s this piece in Slate
  • If you haven’t seen John Hinde’s Butlin’s photos, you need to. If you have seen them, you’ll know they’re great for the holiday season. American Suburb X carries a gallery
  • The L-Magazine sets out to discover what might be the most suitable day job for an artist. Essential reading for anyone at a career crossroads
  • Jon Ronson, one of the most readable journalists around, chronicles his encounter with Bryan Saunders, an artist working his way through a range of narcotic art materials
  • This film reminded me how good she is. Art 21 carry an exclusive interview and scenes from the new Tabaimo animation Dolefullhouse
  • If you have any time at all left after this week’s links, consider spending it on the drawing, painting, sculpture  archive from the Foundation Giacometti. A fantastic resource.

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