Found Objects 04/03/12

Some links from the week that was:

  • China Miéville offers a dystopian portrait of London which most will recognise. Can he do some more cities, please? (via @AnnaMinton)
  • Martin Creed, artist behind a redesign of part of Sketch restaurant, tells The Independent he prefers to eat at home.
  • On art-Corpus, there’s an in depth review of the Boetti show at Tate. Sounds like a must see.
  • Rare photo of Andy Warhol having fun on Animal NY.
  • What connects anal sex to space probes? Well, this Geoff Dyer piece for starters. Thomas Ruff also features.
  • Nothing says controversy like a local news report. Take this footage of Sarah Maple and Beverley Knowles, for instance.
  • The gamefication of your 80s angst is here at last with the hilarious Super Morrissey Bros on Sound Cloud (thanks @thebenstreet)
  • The gamefication of neoplasticism can be found on Beautiufl/Decay. Who could have seen this one coming?
  • Nice photo essay about a Paris trip in Pipe magazine. I’m always up for a second hand boat trip on the Seine.
  • Witty interview with a binman from Georgiasam (via @jod45) but I’m not sure who is the real target.

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