Found Objects 04/03/13

Here are the week’s most interesting art links as chosen entirely subjectively:

  • After finding horsemeat in ready meals, one wonders which artworks might be contaminated. Fortunately The L-Magazine has checked the situation out.
  • Well, this looks entirely brilliant, perhaps inadvertently so: a breathing statue of Lenin has gone on show in Moscow.
  • New York Times gives a decent write up of a Cyprien Gaillard show, decent in as much as it contains gloomy visual poetry.
  • Still in NY, it might be worth checking out Andrew Sendor at Sperone Westwater. Art historian Ben Street has good things to say about the artist.
  • Meanwhile, we in the UK have Manet at the RA, which is slated by The Flaneur who point out, quite reasonably, that a certain amount of contextual gossip would not have gone amiss.
  • Such to-ings and fro-ings are well represented by a new show in Washington DC. Daily Serving reports on the links between Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet and Alfonso Ossono.
  • Gossip in Bridlington meanwhile may well revolve around the fact that famous son David Hockney is reluctant to receive the freedom of his Yorkshire town.
  • Another story from the Independent finds Dominic Lawson arguing against free admission for galleries and museums. Arts mafia paranoia.
  • In another engaging think piece, Jonathan Jones gets upset about the mere thought of a statue of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher.
  • If you remember a band called 23 Skidoo you too might get upset about that woman, but are liable to find this piece about painter William Turnbull of great interest.

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