Found Objects 04/04/2012

This week has indeed had its quota of hard-to-ignore links:

  • Let’s get Damien out of the way. Here’s a well argued piece from Tom Jeffreys which puts the new Tate show in the bigger picture.
  • And in case you should need to know what Jay Jopling eats for lunch, here’s a highly readable interview with the White Cube director from the FT (via @risearts)
  • Art Info reports on the rise and the rise of the museum quality show an otherwise commercial space. Cunning!
  • And in case you didn’t know it, Andrea Fraser has made clear that art is a luxury goods business. She unpacks some alarming implications on the Phaidon website.
  • The Guardian lets us hear from half a dozen of the artisans without whom most blue chip art might never see the light of day.
  • Way to write about abstract painting! Sebastian Smee reports back on a Richard Diebenkorn show for the Boston Globe.
  • Media artists Lucky PDF hired a reality star to guide them round the ICA’s new show about television. Blogger Lizzie Homersham was there.
  • Simon Reynolds (Blissblog) posts the new Plan B video, truly an urban safari, and then explores grime as an emergent cinema genre .
  • Art or literature? @GrantaMag linked to photos of a torrent of 5,000 books from the first floors of various Spanish buildings.
  • Likely to put a dopey smile on your face: these performance pieces featuring twins and quadruplets.
  • This week @LaScatola_ was good enough to share the work of Charlie White with me. His film Pink makes a serious point about young fans of that colour.

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