Found Objects 04/06/11

You don’t have to go to Venice to be overwhelmed by the Biennale. Festival-related tweets have surely outnumbered the pigeons in St Mark’s Square. Here are some links from the floating city and beyond:

  • In the Guardian, Rachel Withers tells you more than most about Mike Nelson’s installation at the British Pavilion.
  • Writing on artnet, Jerry Saltz suggests national embarrassment might be the point of this year’s American Pavilion.
  • Meanwhile, Adrian Searle demonstrates a surprising propensity for clowning in this video report.
  • Elsewhere, it seems Salvador Dalí is still making work. The Guardian also reports on a shocking trade in what you might call zombie sculptures.
  • A Kick Up The Arts considers the economic health of the London gallery scene.
  • Hard-to-pin-down science related story 1: Jen Graves writes about artists’ newest toys in The Stranger.
  • Hard-to-pin-down science related story 2: Brain Pickings considers four cases of biology inspired art.
  • I am grateful to Animal blog for alerting me to the correct term for the practice of knitting based street interventions.
  • highlights the mind-blowing potential of some Martin Kippenberger wallpaper.
  • Donald Judd is still exciting: a mash up of the Double Rainbow dude with a visit to a show by the minimalist sculptor (via/ Eyeteeth).

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