Found Objects 04/09/11

How was your week? Mine was all the better for finding these 10 links:

  • Christopher Hawthorne in the LA Times reports on boom time for skyscrapers. To quote from movie Life Stinks: “Gentlemen, you’ll never know how much this project excites me.”
  • And as we approach 9/11/2011, at least one bit of reportage now looks like a clever piece of photoconceptualism. Jonathan Jones discusses Thomas Hoepker in the Guardian.
  • This guy’s got an interesting ‘practice’. The BBC interviews Lee Hadwin, who makes art in his sleep (hat tip to @artcoholic).
  • It’s now a book, a play and an exhibition. But the patricidal life of Richard Dadd still wouldn’t make a good game of family charades. Arifa Akbar writes about him in The Independent.
  • What happens when you auction cash as art? Find out in this Art Info story about Australian artist Denis Beaubois.
  • Charlotte Higgins interviews painter and writer Alasdair Gray, and the Guardian plays it for comedic charm in the resulting video.
  • Speaking of comedy, here’s a story about the German man who’s rerecorded every single Beatles album auf Deutsch.
  • Flavorwire carried a popular list of 30 artist-on-artist put downs from the renaissance right up to the very present day. As they say, harsh.
  • David Bowie’s Space Oddity has been turned into a saddening children’s story by Andrew Kolb. Read it and weep at Comics Alliance. Thanks to Alexis Somerville.
  • Lastly, here’s an IRL Facebook like button. So you can like the act of liking in a real world sort of context. LIke the buttons below, but more nihilistic.

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