Found Objects 05/11/12

Sad week, as the extent of a hurricane’s destruction becomes apparent:

  • But Chelsea gallerists are a resilient breed. So discovers the New York Times as Roberta Smith assesses damage caused by Sandy
  • Art is no longer cool, according to Jacob Willer. This could be the best thing to happen to art since, well, since it became cool in fact
  • Thankfully, Chloe Nelkin does not (apparently) care about such niceties. She is totally bowled over by Seduced by Art at the National Gallery.
  • Thinking LA was all villas and swimming pools, this photo essay on Uncouth Reflections was a grandiose revelation
  • Mary Louise Schumacher draws inspiration from novelist Orhan Pamuk and calls for smaller more personal museums
  • Tyler Green explores the line of influence between two giants of abstract epressionism, Clyfford Still and Barnett Newman
  • Danh Vo wins the 2012 Hugo Boss Prize worth $100,000 and a show at the Guggenheim, but Art Fag City worries about the backstory
  • Bit worrying to see how much video Adrian Searle is doing. (Don’t people read any more?) But his latest interview with Jane and Louise Wilson is worth a watch
  • Tomas Saraceno’s latest installation at HangarBicocca in Milan is branded ridiculous by Animal NY. See why…
  • Ai Weiwei has given up his fight against tax evasion charges. Now he’s returning donations to supporters 🙁
  • Everyone should read and reread Don Quixote. But in the time-starved interim here are some 1968 illustrations of Cervantes’ novel.

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