Found Objects 06/08/12

Some athletically aggregated art links for the week. (That’s the only Olympics reference here):

  • Like most nurses, C-Monster’s Art Nurse could surprise you with her technical knowledge. Here she is advising on a tricky restoration project
  • This sculptural installation looks good on screen. Is that a strength of the photographer or a strength of Robert Morris, or both?
  • Frank Stella’s recent work also holds up well. So if you can’t get to New York for his show, please avail yourself of this link.
  • This is odd, in the way the 21st century is odd. A Chinese website is ripping off lesser known Western artists with little hope of redress.
  • The video for this precocious rapper‘s debut single brings Ryan Trecartin to mind. Could the video artist have predicted Glass Popcorn?
  • If you want to find a way round planning regs, maybe call your proposed backyard structure art. Chris Burden does just that.
  • Jonathan Jones goes weak at the cultural knees for the richest collection of modern art outside Europe and the US. It’s, improbably, in Iran.
  • One more unlikely cultural story. Psychopathic hippy Charles Manson becomes subject of a new musical. Looking forward to the posters on the tube.
  • This’ll make you want to have a go. Art Fag City also blogs about Book-Spine poetry by Nina Katchadourian.
  • Infographics are getting a bit tedious. Or am I just annoyed that some of these 10 Famous Visual Artists on Art Info were a bit tricky? Hmm.

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