Found Objects 07/05/12

Between headline auction lots and art fair admission fees, it’s been an expensive week in the artworld:

  • So, The Scream provokes an outcry. You can see the final suave, diabolical moments of its public appearance in this Telegraph video
  • But do high prices merely advertise the auction system itself? Jerry Saltz thinks so and hates giving works of art numbers (thanks to @thebenstreet for both links)
  • Charlie Finch meanwhile argues that money makes artworks safe, “hiding the death nautilus in an ocean of dollars”. Yikes.
  • More from the righteous anger department. Paddy Johnson points out that so-called discussions at Frieze sidestep elephants in the room (via @cmonstah).
  • Over on the Arts Desk, Fisun Guner reviews the shortlist for the Turner Prize and asks the very good question: why no Marcus Coates?
  • The Guardian invited Hans Ulrich Obrist to write the obit for David Weiss; this includes a good overview of the career of Fischli/Weiss.
  • We Make Money Not Art meanwhile write up an immortal artwork on its way to the Wellcome Collection. This installation looks like a must see.
  • Thanks to @merci-remi for drawing twitter’s attention to his laugh a minute tumblr feed, Life in Art Galleries.
  • Listen to a radio broadcast in which David Shrigley suggests what the man on the Glaswegian streets would make of Anish Kapoor.
  • The final link this week was a news event in itself. John Peel’s record collection is being digitally catalogued. Visit Peel Acres here.

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