Found Objects 07/11/11

Once again I’ve whittled down the infinite reaches of the world wide web into ten or so convenient destinations just for you:

  • Not entirely art related but this does feature some highly creative metaphors: John Lichfield writes about the Eurozone crisis in the Independent (via @tds153)
  • Also in the Independent, gallerist Richard Cork tells us about the role he played in saving a Leonardo drawing for the nation, aged just 14.
  • The other Italian to have a much talked about show this month is Maurizio Cattelan. Artnet publish a vertiginous slide show of his works at the Guggenheim.
  • Meanwhile the Guardian carried news that an enthusiastic cleaner had wiped £690,000 off the price tag of a Martin Kippenberger sculpture.
  • Tate Britain revealed a dozen Olympic posters by the team GB of British art. There’s a good slide show on Phaidon’s website if you haven’t yet seen them.
  • The Telegraph report from a piece of public art in Kent which inspired “an odd respect” from local youths.
  • Whitechapel Gallery posted a video trail for their intriguing Rothko in Britain show.
  • I’m not sure what the point of this film on Brain Pickings might be, but René Magritte fans should like it
  • There’s some much more urgent footage on American Suburb X. Do find 20 minutes to watch Jean-Christain Bourcart’s documentary about Camden in New Jersey.
  • Digital typography can get fairly baroque. There are no less than 50 lapel grabbing examples on 1st Web Designer (thanks @kevinexley).

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