Found Objects 09/04/12

For no real reason, this week is a Bank Holiday special:

  • It’s always good to hear what the animal world might have to tell us. Guardian chats with their spokesman Marcus Coates (via @LizzieHom.)
  • Beverley Knowles writes up a pleasing memory feat and takes in art, human rights and, emo. Intrigued?
  • 90% of guns seized in Mexico were made in the US. This should be the subject of legisation; in the meantime there’s an art show.
  • Brian Dillon captures the light but cosmic touch of artist Katie Paterson in an essay on his blog Ruins of the 20th Century.
  • Read about artist and blogger Jon Perreault’s growing dislike for Clyfford Still. (He is ‘still’ inspired to put forward plans for his own civic museum.)
  • Art Observed posts about a new show of photos by Cy Twombly at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. Goes without saying they are painterly gems.
  • Pipe blog also runs with some photos from an installation by David Hall at Ambika P3 , London. There’s a very interesting account of the show to boot.
  • Last photo story of the week is an essayistic look at East London’s docks by Phoenicia on the Rightness of Wayward Sentiment blog.
  • Is it too late to wish you Happy Easter? Either way, this post on Another Design Blog is a bit of a perennial bonus.
  • And for those of you still off your face on chocolate, here’s a full stream of the new Spiritualised album (via @ArtCasual)

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