Found Objects 10/10/11

More time has elapsed. More links have accrued. Thank you, as ever, for reading…

  • RIP Steve Jobs. Very sad, of course, but as Art Info point out he was hardly Che Guevara. Although as Slate recall, he did once drop acid.
  • Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective have captured the flowering of a utopian protest movement in Wall Street. Witness this paradox on Animal NY.
  • The Moscow Times report on a metal festival in Kabul. One attendee predicts that “Rock and roll will change the world.”
  • In London Review of Books, Andrew O’Hagan consider’s twitter’s response to the execution of Troy Davis. State sanctioned murder is quite the literary event.
  • Tyler Green has written a two part review of the De Kooning retrospective at MoMA. It includes the word lubricious and you can read it here and here.
  • The Guardian has a riveting profile of Jay Jopling, the man who hooks up the establishment with the avant garde.
  • Rachel Mason recalls some near-death experiences with performance artist Dawn Kasper on the Art21 blog.
  • Sigurd Wendland gives the art historical nude a reality check with shopping trolleys and, erm, chainsaws. Nude chaos is the headline on Beautiful Decay.
  • Meanwhile, on Huffington Post, Anya Wassenberg writes interesting things about life modelling.
  • A good interview with perennial pop envelope-pusher Bjork in The Atlantic.
  • Charlie Finch really doesn’t like Maurizio Cattelan.

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