Found Objects 12/03/12

Stories you may or may not have seen from the last seven days:

  • Succumbing to the fact we may need rolling new coverage of Damien Hirst in 2012, here’s a fine analysis of his spots from The Point + here’s a revealing interview in the Guardian (via @artnet)
  • Gilbert and George now also have a worldwide show in their London Pictures. I hope this is not a new trend to cater for 1%ers. But here are the inimitable duo on film in The Telegraph.
  • You’ve got to like a man with enough talent to carve out his own name, throwing it away for a life of more-or-less victimless crime. Story on the German ‘hippie forger’ in The Independent.
  • Daily Serving celebrates the tactile art of Mark Bradfield, while lamenting the failure of jpegs to do him justice.
  • Some important questions raised in a report from Puerto Rico; Pedro Vélez takes in the confessional show Vividos/Vividos.
  • The Modern Art Notes podcast hosts the legendary Richard Serra, who furnishes some anecdotes about his formative artistic experiences.
  • Catch up with the progress of a boulder, which has travelled halfway across California to LACMA, with a short/sweet interview with gallery director Michael Govan.
  • Just love the look of these tele-waves and tele-breezes. All is explained on Hyperallergic.
  • Pending the death of the printed word, an artist performs open heart surgery on a number of antiquated books (via/ @TheSimonEvans).

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