Found Objects 12/06/11

Feel free to click through and enhance your day with one or more or all of the following:

  • Winner of the Golden Lion at Venice is the 24-hr montage of real-time movie clips by Christian Marclay. Here’s a temperamental link to a video interview on the festival website and an old piece from BBC News.
  • It’s been called the biggest installation of them all at this year’s Biennale. That’s right, it’s Roman Abramovich’s yacht. Full story in the Guardian.
  • The New York Times reports that £1.7 billion has been put aside to build an art gallery in Hong Kong, although it will have its own shopping mall.
  • Never cross an origami expert. A group of the artform’s leading exponents are sueing artist Sarah Morris for copyright infringement. Hyperallergic carries an eye-opening interview.
  • A mythic painting of the deposition of Christ has just gone on show in Rome, says The New York Times. The work of two artists, and one of them was Jack Kerouac.
  • This is great. In Seattle paper The Stranger, a music fan from Zimbabwe reminisces about his time in London, the year that acid house broke.
  • What was he thinking? An ex-public schoolboy tells Dazed and Confused about the hazards of photographing inner-city grime crews. Good pictures, mind.
  • Ben V has curated some essential film clips for a piece on the figure in contemporary art for But how would Chuleta explain Vito Acconci to her homegirls?
  • If you’re still reading,  here’s an interesting slide-show of boredom in art history put together by Slate.

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