Found Objects 13/05/13

Good afternoon/morning. It’s time for my weekly compilation of interesting links:

  • First but not foremost, it’s been Frieze week in New York. Jason Farago captures the spirit of the event and bottles it for the Guardian
  • Fans of Dante may not be thrilled about the arrival of a new Dan Brown book. The Telegraph publishes a brilliant take down
  • Grossmalerman has a few tips for aspiring fellow artists with a piece about getting a gallery (on Hyperallergic). Funny/sad
  • Tom Morton stumbles upon an online community of macrophiles and picks out an image of a bucolic giantess for a 1000+ word critique
  • Find out what Paul McCarthy’s up to and be suitably horrified. Randy Kennedy spends time with the controversial artist for the New York Times Magazine
  • You can rely upon American Suburb X for jawdropping picture galleries. These architectural scenes by Gabriele Basilico are to be adored
  • Blogger Chloe Nelkin flew in a private jet to Berlin Gallery Weekend. I realise the city can be cheap, but that’s ridiculous. Kindly, she shares her experiences
  • Art:21 runs a piece about Santiago Sierra. Team Gallery has been hosting his Veterans series in which real ex-servicemen are paid to stand in the corner
  • You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can always judge the cover itself. The Casual Optimist rounds up some recent gems
  • Last but not least, Degenerate Art Stream is a well-modelled blog in which artists of all stripes get to curate a daily stream of links. So be inspired at will.

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