Found Objects 14/02/12

Not an especially romantic edition of Found Objects this week, but hey ho:

  • It was sad to hear that Barcelona painter Antoni Tàpies has passed away. Check out this obituary and slideshow in the Guardian.
  • Here’s a Tate Shots video dispatch from the Yayoi Kusama PV at Tate. Always good to hear a former rock star doing art crit (and Bob Geldof calls it well, imho).
  • This longform Vanity Fair piece on Lucian Freud harvests quotes from many of those who knew him best to produced a fascinating study of the man (thanks @rosieclarke)
  • Some 43,500 year old paintings have been discovered in a cave in Spain. Brooklyn art blog Hyperallergic catches the buzz.
  • If you don’t already know what a good thing Art Licks has been for the South London art scene, check out this Ideas Tap interview with Holly Willats.
  • Rural France is the last place you’d expect an Ab Ex painter to move to, but Joan Mitchell did just that. Now Art Wednesday carry shots from a show at Hauser & Wirth.
  • Don’t let it be said that artists are standing by while the coalition government dismantles the NHS. Many of them are making work for this tumblr blog.
  • And here’s an even more angry blog about the art world, which you may also find amusing, Moogee the Art Dog.
  • The best Art Thoughtz so far? Hennessy Youngman (aka the Pedagogic Pimp) holds forth on performance art.
  • Oh, and happy Valentines Day!

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