Found Objects 14/05/12

Blimey, there is a lot to read this week:

  • The New Aesthetic was much discussed. JJ Charlesworth puts it into a wider context of post-humanist thinking and behavioural economics.
  • Writing for the L Magazine, Paddy Johnson meanwhile dismisses the movement, calling the New Aesthetic a “tumblr paired with a lecture circuit”.
  • Hyperallergic, meanwhile, opt to demonstrate the virtues of a Google Translate beatbox which may or may not exemplarise this new way of seeing.
  • In the Boston Globe, Sebastian Smee suggests that big money auctions and art fairs are, in fact, fair enough (via @BrianSherwinArt).
  • And on artnet, Pedro Vélez argues that good art will outshine silly money, and that too many critics are “marinating their rhetorical sausages in hate sauce.”
  • On the subject of millionaires, here’s Jason Alexander (once known as George Costanza) doing his best to hang with the occupying 99%. (via Monica Sanford)
  • Maybe next he’ll try hanging with Femen. Der Spiegel offers a profile of the Ukrainian femenists who bare all in service of a variety of good causes.
  • More breasts in the next link, this time in a sensational Mexican newspaper called El Grafico, as talked about on photography blog American Suburb X
  • Britain’s most convoluted road junction turns 40 and the Guardian celebrate Spaghetti Junction with a slideshow. Too nerdy?
  • Finally, brace yourself for a 360 hour David Lynch film, just one of the proposed pleasures at what might become the Marina Abramović Institute in New York.

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