Found Objects 15/05/2011

We’ve had seven more days of neuron-firing stories on-line, including:

  • Scientists told the media that art can boost dopamine levels. But can it also give you the munchies? (from The Telegraph)
  • On artnet, Ben Davis considers the Vatican’s decision to put the Sistine Chapel online and asks how they can get their heads round Flash but not gay rights, etc.
  • In the Guardian, Jenny Uglow writes about the peaking popularity of the Lake District. Art seems to have only served to wreck the place.
  • And some say that kaleidoscopic building exteriors are out of control in Baghdad. The New York Times reports, but there are worse things surely than an ‘anarchy of taste’.
  • Formerly homeless Maxime Angel has good reasons for working with cardboard as Laura Bushell finds out on Dazed Digital.
  • Hyperallergic carries a picture of the painting that’s waited 25,000 years to come back into fashion.
  • Whereas, milliseconds are ‘almost leisurely’ in the brave new world of automated trading. Donald MacKenzie writes a startling account of this mind-boggling practice in London Review of Books.
  • Pictures probably do more justice than words to the latest work by Anish Kapoor. The Independent obliges, but (at time of post) cannot seem to decide how to spell Leviathan.
  • Film-maker Harmony Korine makes a film about curb dancing that’s both parody and celebration. For a less surreal example of the genre, Cf. this clip (Via Animal NY).
  • Perhaps one day I’ll see a meme like this in my pending comments folder. Slate offers a reason to keep it brief.

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