Found Objects 15/08/12

Better late than never; this week’s art links…

  • The bravest art critic we ever had…some memories of Robert Hughes by his producer Nicolas Kent.
  • Art Fag City advances the theory that art world success is a direct correlative of the curved edges of your spectacle frames. Oh dear.
  • The dust has barely settled on this archive but it sounds amazin’. Marvin Taylor is collecting ephemera from the NYC Downtown scene.
  • Find out how to (easily) make your own glitch art in this brilliant PBS video on Animal NY. And check out Yung Jake below.
  • White Cube Bermondsey is showing the haunting work of Zhang Huang. That’s the insence ash you can almost smell.
  • Guardian Artist of the Week is the incredible Pushwagner, currently at MK Gallery. Warning: dystopian video content.
  • And here’s a unicorn chaser. L-Magazine presents part one of a list of said creatures in art. Can’t wait already for part two.
  • Follow that up with a cheery film about book binding with an awesome theme tune via Paris Review.
  • Forgive the esotericism, but artist Annabel Dover linked to these Ipswich milk floats on Twitter (@Captainpye) and they are something.
  • You can’t really blame Damien Hirst for not wanting to roll up his sleeves for this creepy crawly collage. Watch his assistants instead (thanks @ARTnewsmag).

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