Found Objects 16/04/12

More links to edify and entertain:

  • Plimack Mangold demonstrates you can stay at home, paint and still be conceptual. That’s what gets so well argued in this essay by John Yau on Hyperallergic (Parts one, two and three)
  • Everyone’s favourite least-favourite art critic now has his own two part sampleboard on a website dedicated to his glory.  Recommended with some abstract beats.
  • It’s more than a week since Thomas Kinkade died, but Art Fag City summed up his lack of appeal with epitaph-like brevity.
  • It turns out Columbia is the place for a rise and fall in visionary urban planning. I wonder which London mayoral candidates have been to Bogota or Medellin yet.
  • Just when you thought you’d heard every Werner Herzog anecdote, a new interview opens with another classic.
  • Sorry for the Guardian overload, but Zoe Williams writes most entertainingly about the coming sale of one of Munch’s Screams in Sotherby’s London.
  • C-Monster treats us to a photo diary from the a new show of pre-Pharoanic Egyptian art at New York’s Metropolitan Museum.
  • Also from NYC here’s a slideshow from the NYT: Kraftwerk. Their residency looks every bit as amazing as you know it will sound.
  • Eyeteeth tantalises with news of a photographic project from around the tattered edges of the French presidential race.
  • This blog post ends with a bang and not a whimper today. Check out this performance by Cai Guo-Qiang at MoCA, LA.

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