Found Objects 16/07/12

Greetings art lovers. Have some links from the week just gone:

  • Having once left Facebook and been lured back, my hat goes off to Man Bartlett who turned his departure into performance art
  • Few writers have ever got to grips with evil like author of The Kindly Ones, Jonathan Littell. Now he’s doing journalism in Syria.
  • Tyler Green interviews the sloganeering Barbara Kruger on the Modern Art Notes podcast.
  • Jayson Musson will soon be as famous as his alter ego Hennessy Youngman. Animal reports from his recent show of paintings of sorts.
  • While not that impressed with her retrospective at Hayward, I have to say Tracey Emin’s show at Turner Contemporary sounds swoonsome.
  • This on the other hand is gnarly: a film by Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn which I came across this week in the course of research
  • The next best thing to having been at Documenta? Why, there’s this longread review from Paris Review, who do that kind of thing inimicably.
  • Graffiti writer and filmaker Tom Oswald writes a brilliant piece in the Guardian about the waning of tube art. Check it out.
  • There should be more of this sort of thing. Vintage cultural programming from Art Fag City with Mike Wallace on op art.

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