Found Objects 17/04/2011

Some links from the last  seven days. Peruse away:

  • This week it was revealed that Andy Warhol accounted for 17% of all auction sales in 2010. Well, Reuters blogger Felix Salmon can explain why (via/ @Hyperallergic).
  • In The Telegraph, Clive Aslet seems prepared to forgive the modernist architecture and the art establishment’s impudence, so long as Turner Contemporary is good for Margate. But as a local, he at least has a stake in the matter.
  • The Guardian carries a horror story in the form of an interview: Marina Lutz is a film-maker who works with a hoard of Super-8 footage and 10,000 photographs taken of her by her dad before she reached the age of 16. Trauma by camera.
  • Meanwhile The Observer lets us in on Bob and Roberta Smith’s plans for the royal wedding. Their (his) likenesses of the happy couple are quite something. (I’ll try and refrain from any further reference to that forthcoming day.)
  • Not content with nicking the odd idea, the ad industry is now lifting the whole presentational style of the art world. Christopher Bedford tells it like it is in Frieze.
  • Can’t wait for this new feature film about the life of the President of Kazakhstan. If this piece in The Independent is anything to go by it should be the comedy of the year.
  • The Street Art show at MOCA in Los Angeles has made for some spectacular photos on Unurth blog and, according to the Culture Monster blog, some deplorable outbreaks of, erm, street art.
  • Astra Taylor’s Zizek documentary is now available on Google Video at least until April 29 it will be (via/ The New Inquiry)
  • I was delighted to find that gangsta rapper and contemporary art guru Hennessy Youngman has added some twee Scottish indie music to the mix.
  • And here’s Klaus Kinski getting very worked up about a doll in an international language.

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