Found Objects 17/07/11

These links are from the past seven days. Feel free to enjoy as many as you like:

  • Jonathan Jones uses his Guardian column to link departing CEO of News International Rebekah Brooks to both the Damsel of the Holy Grail and Mick Jagger.
  • Legal news: a monkey takes a photo in the wild and back in civilisation the lawyers swing into action. Artinfo looks at the exciting new field of animal copyright.
  • By all accounts the Chapman Brothers have done it again, though some may wonder what makes them go to so much trouble. Slide show of their new White Cube show in Telegraph.
  • The Independent carries news of a whole new art form: conceptual gardening. Big shout out to any landscape critics reading.
  • It’s ingenious and painstaking. But you cannot dismiss a new show fashioned entirely from dollar bills. Hyperallergic reviews Mark Wagner in New York.
  • It looks as if Mark Leckey was lucky to get a word in edgewaysin this interview with Mark Fisher in Kaleidoscope. Interesting, all the same (via @frieze_magazine).
  • Der Spiegel carries a photographic slideshow with some poignant stories to go with: scenes from the anti-fascist protection wall by the guards employed to keep the non-fascists in.
  • The history of the German capital remains just as interesting with this chapter on Berlin’s street art by Simon Arms in Smashing Magazine (via @danielyanezgonz).
  • Art History Rag reblogged a recent list of the 50 greatest novels for art students. Hint: if you’re planning to spend your college days reading 50 novels, perhaps you should have taken English.
  • Dancers on the New York subway pre-empt a terrorist chemical attack in a disturbing music video on Animal NY blog.
  • Another music link which it would have been wrong to overlook. Have a free album by Wugazi. That’s two bands, Wu Tang Clan and Fugazi, for the price of none.

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