Found Objects 17/10/11

Post-Frieze comedown fodder:

  • Too much has been written about the fair this year, I know. But this sharp analysis by critic JJ Charlesworth makes a lot of sense.
  • Non-native English speakers only need to know 1500 words and ‘globish‘ is one of them. The Guardian also reports from a talk at Frieze.
  • If you’re not still in mourning for Steve Jobs, you may find these pages from a 1983 Apple gift catalogue give you something to chuckle about.
  • A wall-dwelling fly’s eye view of Gerhard Richter at work on Leg of Lamb blog (video). You wonder how he manages to know where to start or when to finish.
  • Ed Hall, maker of protest banners, has a show in Manchester. Enjoy the pictures from We Make Art Not Money, plus short art doc by the RMT trade union.
  • The pleasures of Ostalgia are all the more problematic for this blog on the topic in Frieze.
  • The Guardian editorialise about an architectural swing to the right of the famous clocktower attached to the UK’s parliament building.
  • The television reviews in The Moscow Times are better than most things on TV. Check out a new Russian show with the catchphrase: “The punishment will be cruel”.
  • I’d not come across @tejucole, but this piece in The New Inquiry suggests this controversial tweep is one to follow.
  • If you’ve never read a William Boyd piece about Nat Tate, now might be the time. The fake artist’s work is coming up for auction.
  • Here’s the trailer for artist and director Steve McQueen’s new film. Both tantalising and titilating.

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