Found Objects 18/06/11

The big news this week is that criticismism was down for about 24 hours. Apologies to anyone who tried to visit on Thursday or Friday. Anyway, it’s back…with links:

  • 18 war photographers talk about shots which almost got them killed in the Guardian. This is an agonising piece that somehow conveys more than the pictures themselves.
  • Still in the combat zone, Iraq veteran and memoir author Matt Gallagher writes in The Atlantic and asks why are there no great novels about the War on Terror.
  • Another Guardian story reveals the photo of the year was taken by accident. Ironic that it happened in Vancouver, a city famous for staged, concept-driven photographs.
  • Der Spiegel has an astonishing story about Hallstatt in Austria. Apparently the Chinese are building an illegal replica of the whole town. Imagine this happening to yours. Thanks to @TylerGreenDC.
  • How much will a fried breakfast cost you in Kiev? Well, it depends where you cook it. Russian artist Anna Sinkova has just got three months in jail. Another great video from Animal.
  • Alistair Gentry from Career Suicide has an angry rant about arts funding in the UK which somehow resolves itself into a calm and incontrovertible conclusion. Read it.
  • We Make Money Not Art continue to sniff out some of the most interesting shows in Europe. The latest is a project in Innsbruck in which architects plan bank robberies.
  • Miniature touring artworks seem to be all the rage. Crystal Bennes has been blogging about Karl England’s mysterious Morph Plinth.
  • Miniature touring artworks Part 2: Brooklyn-based Hyperallergic brought some of their mail art to Brighton.
  • The dangerous yarn bombing craze gathers momentum with a street exhibition in Santa Monica. LA Times reports.

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