Found Objects 18/09/11

Here are some of the best reads/watches/gapes from the last seven days:

  • What do we really learn from a £440 million memorial to 9/11? asks Tiffany Jenkins in the Indpendent.
  • A child’s eye view of Palestine gets banned from a Museum of Childrens Art in California. Read the story on Hyperallergic and do check the work out here.
  • In Mute magazine, artist John Russell assumes the character of a fly to write about laying eggs on Margaret Thatcher’s corpse.
  • It might be easier to accept a Swiss artist than a Swiss comedian, but Ursus Wehrli is both. Here’s some of his work for you to decide if it’s humour or art.
  • Pippin Barr has created an 8-bit video game of a visit to Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present. Join the queue.
  • Even mediated by mpeg, 40 years after its creation, Five Car Stud by Edward Keinholz is disturbing. LA Times reports on its installation at LACMA.
  • Art Fag City links to a story you couldn’t make up. Kathmandu in Nepal is rocking to the last tune you would ever expect.
  • Could a corporation merge with a state? Artist Zoe Papdopoulou shows it could perfect for Cyprus and Intel (from We Make Money Not Art).
  • Hyperallergic does some terminological policing around the definitions ‘Primitive’ and ‘Tribal’ art.
  • A sense of entitlement comes early these days. See these photos of rich Russian children by Anna Skladmann (from Beautiful Decay).
  • Lastly, from the Independent, a candidate for least necessary show ever.

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