Found Objects 19/03/12

  • The Art Newspaper reports on a ‘major systemic shift’ as sales go to the world’s many art fairs, rather than through traditional galleries.
  • No less than 56 rhino horns have been stolen from museums since 2011. Der Spiegel reports on this worldwide crime trend.
  • The Smithsonian website looks back at the trailbrazing career of guitarist Carol Kaye, a rare female member of the so-called Wrecking Crew of session musicians in the 60s
  • More Damien Hirst. Since the artist has said he makes art about money, Hari Kunzru offers a quotable analysis of his market in the Guardian.
  • Philip Hoare writes in The Independent about Britain’s current fixation with the comforts of television, theatre and art which look to the past.
  • The Guardian also covers the arty new PlayStation game Journey. It really is out there.
  • Paris Review carries an interview with Martin Kippenberger’s sister Susanne. Covers alcoholism, art critics, and Jeff Koons.
  • Olafur Eliasson has built a kaleidoscopic doughnut on the roof of a museum in Aarhus, Denmark. Beautiful Decay has pictures and video.
  • There’s something amusing about a vagrant voyeur making his own camera  – although of course there shouldn’t be.
  • Art Info have posted some good hip hop links this week, and none better than this track by Nas.

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