Found Objects 19/08/11

Allow me to pilfer some more of your time for this week’s selection of links. Theft has emerged as a bit of a theme:

  • Der Spiegel carries an interesting long read about a time when tourism and archaeology went hand in hand. Berlin’s famous bust of Nefertiti is just one item Egypt wants back.
  • Then there was the straightforward theft of a Rembrandt from an LA hotel. Here’s the story in the Telegraph.
  • Meanwhile, a shrine to digital piracy has been created, ‘worth’ $5m. Animal NY has the details.
  • And here is a brilliant analysis of last week’s riots. Rather than the ‘pure criminality’, Justin McGuirk in the Guardian appears to suggest they were closer to pure gullibility.
  • Finally, you can find a 2007 essay about plagiarism by novelist Jonathan Lethem here. It’s great, so thanks to @maudnewton for tweeting the link this week.
  • Also this week, Hyperallergic ran a top ten art T-shirts. Not acceptable gallery-wear apparently.
  • After The End blogger Lizzie Homersham traced back some Folkestone roots and brought back this optimistic review of the Triennial.
  • Art Observed linked through to a trailer for Sophie Fiennes documentary about Anselm Kiefer’s bunker/studios in the South of France.
  • And happy 20th anniversary to Frieze magazine. They celebrate with this history of philosophy since the 1990s.

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