Found Objects 19/08/13

Some great links this week, a few of which I hope you’re tempted to click on:

  • William Powhida and Jade Townsend have devised a scarily detailed map of the art world as a number of warring tribes, including an encampment for Critical Refugees.
  • Lego has released an architects’ studio. Hundreds of white or clear bricks for you to style up your own modernist pavilion. This may even make up for their Harry Potter alliance.
  • Aymann Ismail has an astonishing tale to tell and the photos to prove it. This is a story from troubled Egypt by Animal NY. How to beat an angry mob….
  • Well, it looks like this time next year audio cassettes will be back in vogue. You’ll have to get that box down from the loft. Vice reports on their growing appeal #longread
  • If you’ve got 40 minutes (go on) you could do much worse than settle in for this lecture by Mark Leckey. Cinema in the Round is now on Ubuweb.
  • Here’s something more immediate: a collection of nature gifs. Not sure we should be treating animals this way, but hell, my favourite is the crocodiles.
  • John Cooper Clarke makes it into the National Curriculum and the wordy folk at Pipe have paid tribute to him. The pigeonhole ‘punk poet’ may no longer do justice.
  • Asheq Akhtar has made a beautiful film in derelict asylum, Severalls, in Colchester. This had added resonance for me because I grew up in the town and it cast a shadow..
  • Meanwhile here are ten of the best 20th century poems to be inspired by paintings with introductions by Fisun Guner. Plus one surprise from this side of the millennium.
  • The Walt Disney Family Museum may not promise much with a name like that. But this show of 102-year-old Bambi mood setter Tyrus Wong sounds magic enough.

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