Found Objects 23/01/11

Great links this week. Please tuck in:

  • I’m still not entirely sure what SOPA is, but I vehemently oppose it. Even if it has thrown up this ace Jonathan Jones rant on Wikipedia
  • As Prime Minister David Cameron calls for more commercial British films, comedian Stuart Lee offers a commercial response (via @NickMotown)
  • Third and perhaps best Guardian rant of the week comes courtesy of novelist Will Self, who mines some previously untapped comic potential from the urban space that is Trafalgar Square
  • I don’t know how it took the fashion industry 500 years to spot this trick: a handbag made according to a design by Leonardo Da Vinci. Do check the video.
  • It’s local politics, but not as you might know it. Kriston Capps reports from Washington DC on hunger-striking auto-circumcision merchant Adrian Parsons.
  • Another controversial spot of legislation saw artist Miranda July arraigned for kookiness. At least you could read it in The Onion (also via @KristonCapps)
  • Musician and photographer Patti Smith gets a first museum show in Connecticut. NY Times finds it endearing if not groundbreaking
  • Tickled with excitement by this interview with Brian Droitcour. The new poetry editor at Rhizome discusses the online potential of the medium, in effervescent verse
  • Would love to see an Ed Keinholz show, more specifically this one featured in Daily Serving. The fiercely critical artist died in a place called Hope (Idaho)
  • Theosophical dining on offer at Swiss Miss blog: a Mondrian Sandwich.

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