Found Objects 23/04/12

Another frenzy of links from the last seven days:

  • Is anyone using Artstack yet, or is everyone using it already? *panics* Whatever the case here’s an enticing primer from the Guardian.
  • As a victim of procrastination, I love this curated twitter stream by media artist Cory Arcangel: wrknonmynovel or “working on my novel”.
  • Daily Serving have published an artful tour of sidestreets in Gracia, Barcelona, where street artists rub shoulders with George Orwell.
  • Orhan Pamuk argues against the world’s grandest museums. Relax, he’s not anti-museum; the Turkish novelist just has issues with scale.
  • There’s a sobering collection of sadly timeless execution portraits (from late 1970s Cambodia) on Amercian Suburb X
  • The New York Times has been running a great series called An Art Critic in Africa. Here are one or two dispatches about ritual dance and mosque conservation from Mali.
  • In an interview with The Independent, Karla Black reveals what children think of her monumental yet fragile art.
  • The irrepressible Jeremy Deller tells the BBC about his project for Glasgow International, an inflatable Stonehenge entitled Sacrilege.
  • Needless to say, he’s nothing like any of the so-called artists in this 30-minute montage of the breed in television over the years. Essential viewing.
  • Finally, Animal NY posted a rendering of John Cage’s 4’33”, comprised entirely of silences from the films of Nicholas Cage. Of course they did.

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