Found Objects 24/09/11

Once again, here are some of the more readable/watchable/listenable links from the past seven days:

  • “Freud’s cranium is a snail”: listen to a short radio 4 programme about the meeting between the founder of psychoanalysis and Salvador Dalí.
  • Tom McCarthy, in the Guardian, provides some intelligent appetite whetting for the forthcoming Gerhard Richter show at Tate Modern.
  • On Beautiful Decary, it seems Cubism is alive and well in these multi-layered collage portraits by Brazilian artist Lucas Simoes.
  • i-D magazine offers a taste of what LuckyPDF will be bringing to their slot at Frieze Projects next month, a short but sweet video.
  • For anyone who remembers a certain Grolsch advertising campaign in the UK, Jonathan Glancey tells architects to Schtopp! and slow down In the Guardian.
  • At Studio 360 you can listen to a 10 minute intro to the work of Chicano art movement Asco by Carolina Miranda: from vandalism to enshrinement at LACMA.
  • Q: What makes for a swinging bachelor art collector lifestyle? A: Everything in this story about  Frederick Weisman on Art Info (hat tip @TylerGreenDC)
  • As Facebook launches a new design, this piece by Zadie Smith in the New York Review of Books spells out the social network’s flaws (via/ @thebenstreet and @FisunGuner).
  • Civic art goes on eBay in Newcastle in the Guardian’s Northerner blog.

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