Found Objects 24/09/2012

Apologies for the fortnight off, but my weekly link selection is I hope back on track:

  • Romance of the ruin doesn’t sound half bad, but Steven Thomson is concerned that, in the wake of the Olympics, two of the most signifcant East London art projects were too nostalgic.
  • A new service brings you “Everything you need to safely make an abstract expressionist painting while being intimate with the one you love.” Yes, you read that correctly.
  • This could be a glimpse of the future as Artsia sells art direct from the artist via the interwebz. Browse by style, medium or subject and have fun looking for the red dots.
  • Here’s another reason for curators to worry. It was #askacurator day on Twitter and a handful from the Tate got a hammering over BP sponsorship.
  • And so to another virtual gallery of art, this time focussing on work that has been stolen, destroyed or otherwise lost. Lost Art from Tate and Channel4 is a time sink.
  • Not what you might expect from CNN, but the channel’s website carries a first hand account of the blameless arrest of artist Molly Crabapple at Occupy Wall Street.
  • Eyeteeth report on Trevor Paglen’s latest satellite piece, a bank of images bound for space, which the artist compares with cave painting.
  • Danh Vo’s piece We the People is comprised of replica parts of the Statue of Liberty. The longer this project goes on, the better it seems to get.
  • Jonathan Jones in the Guardian claims that science is more beautiful than art. He would make a good science correspondent, I’m sure.
  • You’re never more than click or two away from a cat in this brave new world of ours. And this is a reason to be afraid.

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