Found Objects 24/10/11

In solidarity with occupy Sotheby’s, etc, criticismism has been occupying GoogleReader to bring you another bunch of links:

  • It could always be worse. So suggests Der Spiegel who report on the publication of a database of Nazi appproved art.
  • Being dubious about the Museum of Everything, I liked this Jonathan Griffin piece which raises questions.
  • Art-related tale of survival: combative critic Rosalind Krauss fights her way back to health from a brain aneurysm (via @TwoCoats).
  • Non art-related tale of survival: Detroit skateboarder Ross Capicchioni recovers from a triple shooting (must-see video).
  • American Suburb X runs an old Sebastian Smee piece about photographer Bill Brandt. Good excuse not to smile for the camera.
  • Emily Steer endures the interview from hell with photogapher and painter David Bailey. Remarkable stuff from Art Wednesday.
  • Harvard Art Museum take a short vimeo clip to discuss a rhino woodcut by Albrecht Durer. Interesting (via @TylerGreenDC).
  • Also on vimeo there’s a charming half hour to be spent with Edward Burra, whose show just opens at Pallant House. Thanks Richard Moss.
  • Can’t resist this animated film by Spike Jonze. It is after all set in Shakespeare & Co bookshop, Paris.
  • Finally, an art history lecture, or rather a lecture about the difficulties of writing a history of contemporary art (via @sluiceartfair).

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