Found Objects 25/06/11

Here are some links from the last seven days. Enjoy:

  • The good news, at least to some degree, is that Ai Weiwei has been released on bail. This deserves a televisual breaking news report, as sourced by Leg of Lamb blog.
  • Even more good news, yesterday a Picasso masterpiece went on show in the Palestinian territories. The Guardian is just one of the papers who, for obvious reasons, carry the story.
  • Frieze have got a remarkable portrait of Afghan artist Aman Mojadidi. It figures there are even more risky places to make art than China.
  • There is a great piece on Soviet product design by Justin McGuirk in the Guardian. Two words: boiling wand.
  • Meanwhile, The Moscow Times doesn’t rate new DTV drama Bailiffs. But all the same, the 20-part series looks unmissable.
  • At Animal blog you can watch the trailer to a new German movie about the DiY skate scene in the former GDR.
  • Staying with the onetime Bloc, Bad at Sports have posted an interview with Yael Bartana, the Israeli artist who represented Poland at Venice this year. This is audio, lasting 50 mins.
  • People say art is elitist, and The Telegraph has pictures from a show you won’t get to see unless you hold a diving qualification.
  • If you only read one list of summer beach books this year, make it this one from Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes.
  • Charlotte Young is now the web’s best known unknown artist, thanks to her spoof artist’s statement which went viral. Funny, in a miserable kind of way.

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