Found Objects 26/03/12

Almost too many links to choose from this week, but here are the best all the same:

  • Government ministers sack head of Arts Council England. Could it be they want someone who will cosy up to big business instead? (via @MutualArt)
  • Here’s a reality check for London and New York. The world’s most visited exhibition last year was in Brazil.
  • This was the week Artist Taxi Driver cropped up on my Twitter feed. Imagine a rabid leftwing cabbie venting his spleen and you’re still only halfway there.
  • The laughs come at unexpected points in this low key spoof: Christopher Walken reads Where the Wild Things Are (via @adam_orbit).
  • Also very funny is this Bedwyr Williams piece from Frieze, which chronicles the life and sad death of a fictional intern (via @LizzieHom).
  • To get a little more serious…photos for those who may still not yet have had enough of Soviet brutalist architecture (@caravia158)
  • Damien Hirst has just rigged up his studio with a pair of web cams, which is oddly compelling (via @BevieKnowles)
  • New York Times reviews Keith Haring at Brooklyn Museum and there was more to the prodigious young artist than t-shirt designs.
  • Daily Serving look at a playful and pleasing Chicago show by identical twins Alan and Michael Fleming.
  • The final link comes from Art Fag City and features a rap by CalArts student Yung Jake. Be warned you may have to tidy your screen a bit when it’s all done.

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