Found Objects 27/05/13

Another week, another clutch of timely links:

  • Interesting take on cave art, from the Travel Desk of the Guardian. “The good life was invented here,” says Robin McKie
  • Playwright David Hare pays tribute to Patrick Caulfield. Ahead of the painter’s Tate Britain show this is well worth another visit to the Guardian site
  • A witty cartoon about Futurism is to be found can be found on The Casual Optimist. Bet you never thought the Italian proto-fascists could be so sweet
  • Hoodie alert. Erdal Inci has cloned a potentially dangerous yoot and set them on an endless march towards who knows what?
  • This may be the worst song ever, but hey it’s Ai Weiwei and he’s directed a video so, you know, do check out (via Hyperallergic)
  • Artists James Harvey and Ryan Humphrey had a dream of Akira retold using Simpsons characters. So far 768 artists have been recruited to make it a reality
  • Carolina Miranda reports on the stateside popularity of James Turrell right now, a sculptor who will sell you the sky
  • Something to look forward to at Blain Southern next month. The first ever UK show of JG Ballard’s favourite painter Paul Delvaux
  • Possibly only of interest if, like me, you’re from Colchester, Essex, UK. But anyhow here’s a report from a painting show by the father of Blur lead singer Damon Albarn
  • In the Telegraph, Mark Hudson paints a fair enough picture of the Land Art show at Southampton City Art Gallery. There are indeed a lot of black and white photos in it
  • From the department of difficult loves, Stephanie Bailey reviews a Jean Cocteau exhibition in Hong Kong. A good read from Hyperallergic.

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