Found Objects 27/06/12

Another plethora of destinations for your mice or mobiles:

  • Anish Kapoor proves fair game for the Occupy movement as several dozen rock up at one of his second homes.
  • Two French museums dedicated to Henri Matisse to share a newly discovered cache of colourful, but unfinished, paper cut-outs.
  • The 340-tonne boulder which travelled from rural California to LA has now been officially levitated. It’s a “Huh? Wow!” moment.
  • Not noticed one of these before. The Guardian deliver an interactive art audio tour of the new Turner Monet Twombly show at Tate Liverpool.
  • You can also enjoy a relatively lo-fi visit to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, with stunning photos on The Exhibition List.
  • This is my favourite link of the week. Artists develop new ways to revive and sustain the Viennese tradition of hanging out in cafes.
  • Thanks to @danielyanezgonz  for sharing this via Facebook: a website hosting a gallery of polaroids by the director Tarkovsky. In Russian, but just click on the photo.
  • It might seem impossible to get excited about a group of staircases, but these could be to heaven (see what I did there?). This came via @jennycobelli.
  • Some new tracks have been released from the archives of Krautrock band CAN. Iain Forsythe and Jane Pollard have done the video.
  • This feels right. Some dedicated soul has shot a frame by frame version of blade runner using watercolours.
  • This feels wrong. Art Info curate the world’s 25 wackiest art gifs. Actually they’re not bad.

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