Found Objects 27/08/11

Some links from the last seven days. The internet has been busy again:

  • Once you start building a bunker, it hardly ever ends well. As Gaddafi hunkers down in Tripoli (presumably), Jonathan Glancey looks at his architecture.
  • Does art change nothing? This galvanising piece on The Daily Serving finds street art in the thick of the recent battles for control of Libya.
  • Here’s an some heartening street art news from Der Spiegel. Graffiti is taking over from gardening as retirement activity of choice.
  • Surely this is Tracey Emin at her least good. She now exhorts the prime minister to have ‘more passion‘ not more compassion.
  • The Telegraph also run a good interview with photographer Martin Parr. Here’s why you might not like certain photos of yourself.
  • Art Info looks back at Steve Jobs reign as CEO at Apple. They will miss almost everything except the black polo neck.
  • Did David Foster Wallace invent the language of blogging. Well, lawyer turned blogger Maud Newton seems to think so. Sort of.
  • If you’re given to schadenfreude you may enjoy these photos from Chloe Nelkins’ most recent gallery trip. She was not having much luck.
  • The old adage that two are better than one does not, in my book, apply to guitar necks. So what to make of these creations on Beautiful/Decay blog.
  • It worries me I like looking at bad art. If you do too, here are 15 slides from the Museum of Bad Art in New England.
  • Director John Waters has just said liking contemporary art is like being in a biker gang. Get your boots on and check out this video.
  • Meanwhile there’s a very infotaining film on Animal NY, which demands you watch it. Oh, it’s about copyright law.
  • Love him, hate him or merely never heard of him, arty musician Momus has always got something to say. Check out his geo-psychology podcast.

2 thoughts on “Found Objects 27/08/11

  1. Hello you!

    Thanks, as ever, for the links – I always find them interesting. I was only talking to someone about Martin Parr today and I really enjoyed reading the article you linked to. I’ll have a read of the other links over the next few days.


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