Found Objects 28/04/13

There’s a political and a performative flavour to Found Objects this week, read on and enjoy:

  • Scriptonite blog plays tribute to an incredible stunt by the soi-disant Artist Taxi Driver, as backdoor privatisation hits the NHS.
  • We Make Money Not Art has interviewed Liberate Tate, and its happy to play devil’s advocate on this issue of corprorate sponsorship
  • God only knows how this came about, but the US President and Steven Spielberg have both taken part in a genuinely funny skit
  • Meanwhile NYC mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan has released a bass heavy rap anthem to support his campaign. See the video on Animal NY
  • The final ruling on the Cariou v. Prince case appears to be in, with the former winning an important victory for appropriation art. See Hyperallergic
  • Back in the UK the Turner Prize shortlist has been announced. Most of the attention has gone to comic genius David Shrigley
  • Marseille is the 2013 European Capital of Culture. Observer journalist Vanessa Thorpe enjoys some sun
  • In case you’re wondering what kind of contemporary art Jonathan Jones actually likes, the answer can be found in this piece about . . . Matt Collishaw
  • Great premise for a blog. Art in Common is mapping and commenting on all the public artwork in New York. Check out this piece on Barbara Hepworth
  • Finally, churchtanks. I’ll say that again, churchtanks. If you’re still none the wiser pay a visit to Beautiful Decay for the chilling new face of modern warfare.

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