Found Objects 30/04/12

Quite a newsy Found Objects this week, so hold page 23:

  • German artists threaten to guillotine a sheep if the public don’t vote to save it. Let’s hope it has the X Factor; story in The Telegraph.
  • Larissa Sansour has reimagined Palestine as a tower block. But the Swiss Musée d’Elysée got cold feet, or were just afraid of heights. Story on Frieze blog (via @artfagcity).
  • Although loathe to send traffic to The Daily Mail, this report on the will of the late Lucien Freud is pretty interesting. Assistant David Dawson is set up for life.
  • The above paper would have been less keen on the cost of Yinka Shonibare’s ship in a bottle. The Guardian says the public are paying twice over for the fourth plinth statue.
  • The Telegraph also have an amusing story about a photo of Leda and the swan. Police alarmed about bestiality at The Scream Gallery, Mayfair, were not convinced by the classical allusion.
  • Full Stop magazine suggest that not even art-punk band Pussy Riot can stand up to the might of the Orthodox Church slash government in Russia. (They’ve duly been jailed for blasphemy.)
  • Not what you’d expect from a crochet expert, but Patricia Waller has put together a show filled with favourite childhood characters meeting grim fates. Der Spiegel tells you more.
  • After that, Ed van der Elsken’s 1954 photo series Love on the Left Bank is a real tonic. Check out the amour in this slide show on American Suburb X.
  • Modern Art Notes pod cast brings you an interview with Cory Arcangel and asks the media artist about art history and his earliest gaming experiences.
  • Hudson challenges you to tell Kool Keith lyrics apart from lines by James Joyce. More like this, please… (H/t @ANTIBOOKCLUB.)
  • These might just be the best animated gifs ever. Keep watching to see what goes down in these vintage scenes on Flux Machine (Thanks @WFMU).

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