Found Objects 31/07/12

For your enjoyment and perusal:

  • Na na na na-na-na nah, Ai Jude! China’s dissident art superstar gave the thumbs up to Britain’s opening ceremony for the 2012 London Games.
  • Blogger Catherine Baker was more circumspect, but makes a number of good observations which still point towards room for optimism.
  • RIP Franz West. Tyler Green from Modern Art Notes posts links to an epic five part review and about now would be a good time to read it.
  • The case for visiting the Hayward’s latest show is getting stronger by the week. Here is journalist Brian Dillon’s compelling essay on the art of nothingness.
  • Architecture Week carries a highly readable interview with Sir Norman Foster which reveals, among other things, he used to be a bouncer (via/, link may time out)
  • There’s another entertaining interview on Daily Serving. Taxidermist Polly Morgan talks about how she became an artist and other uses for dead animals.
  • Speaking of which, there was a buzz online about a gourmet meal of rats staged in New York by artist Allegra La Viola. Yum!
  • Animal theme continues with a trip to the Museum of Zoology in Florence. Not the first museum you might think of visiting in that city, but well worth a look on The Exhibition List.
  • Not everyone is happy about the regeneration of Margate seafront. It used to be a well kept secret for Phoenecia at The Rightness of Wayward Sentiment blog.
  • But I think this is my favourite link of the week: Japanese art lovers going crazy for the opportunity to shoot photos of replica Vermeers in Ginza. (Story from the Japan Times).

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