Found Objects 31/10/12

Storms have pushed art somewhat off the agenda this week. Imagine what Sandy might have done to a Frieze tent, anyway, I digress:

  • Hyperallergic art blog catered for all your climate news needs, with a collection of photos compiled from social media by Hrag Vartanian.
  • On the Guardian’s Northerner blog, Liverpudlian Kenn Taylor takes the Anfield bus tour. A highlight of this year’s Biennial, it only sounds mundane.
  • Heavyweight critic Dave Hickey gives a candid interview about the art world. (He’s sort of retiring so he can say what he likes. Via/ @hindmezaina)
  • Pipe weighs up the evidence surrounding the demise of Vincent Van Gogh, in conjunction with a close reading of Martin Gayford’s book The Yellow House.
  • In the Telegraph Mark Hudson reviews the show about vodou at Nottingham Contemporary. Enjoy the crash course on Haitian history and culture.
  • JJ Charlesworth reposts a column from Art Review in which he bemoans the passing of things. We may never know their like again.
  • Mike Nelson branches out with some heavy geometry at Malmö Kunsthalle. (Contemporary Art Daily)
  • prints a collection scary kids in masks for Halloween. Do not want any of these on my doorstep.
  • Also in the Halloween spirit, Art Wednesday posts a Marilyn Manson video. Again, I don’t know whether to laugh or soil myself.
  • Ah, this is better: Animal NY post a quick piece on a playable tetris pumpkin. Must be seen to be believed. Both trick and treat.

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