Preview: A Certain Distance, Endless Light – A Project by Felix Gonzalez Torres and William McKeown

Exhibition: A Certain Distance, Endless Light – A Project by Felix Gonzalez-Torres and William McKeown, MIMA, Middlesbrough, until July 4 2010

Energy is the theme of the North-East’s 10th AV Festival and the inclusion of Felix-Gonzalez-Torres looks like a no-brainer.

Some of the Cuban-born artist’s best known works feature lightbulbs on string and six of these pieces have made it into the show at MIMA.

But it was always left to curators to decide how to display his lightstring, so putting together this exhibition was not without a challenge or two.

Also on display is a trademark paper stack piece. Visitors can choose between two ambiguous propositions and take the artwork home with them, sheet by sheet.

Another piece which could follow you home is a mysterious billboard image of birds flying across a cloudy sky. A few of these have been installed around Middlesbrough.

The real lightbulb moment here was to bring William McKeown on board. The Irish painter’s breezy minimalism should set off the pared down work of Gonzalez-Torres.

One gallery has been hung with 70 monochrome watercolours to represent daisies. Another has been filled with a room-like construction built to house a single picture and a drawing. A delicate touch in a delicately balanced show.

Written for Culture24.

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