Found Objects 21/01/13

Welcome back to the week you’ve just lived through, but this time with premium quality links:

  • Saddest thing in the world: when an outlaw street artist is fully embraced by the mainstream. Cameron and Branson must really have it in for Ben Eine.
  • This story is weird and a bit one sided. But it’s always good value to find a Telegraph journalist frothing at the mouth over goings on at Arts Council England.
  • Long read of the week: The New York Magazine devotes an in-depth profile to gallery owner Larry Gagosian, a man for these hyper inflated times.
  • The Inependent’s tantalising In the Studio series pays a visit to that of arte povera trailblazer Giuseppe Penone.
  • Artist Nick Cave takes his Soundsuits to Grand Central in New York. Check out the video of a similar event in North Texas University. There’s a great moment about seven minutes in.
  • 150,000 animal noises have been made available online by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Check out the giant otter on Animal NY. It’s completely mad.
  • Here’s something we should have guessed. To experience some or other piece of art as sublime, you may want to watch a horror film beforehand. The Creativity Post explains.
  • Another link from Animal NY, this one a gallery of shops selling Jamaican dancehall records. It seems vinyl just never went away.
  • How well do avant garde short graphic films translate to Vimeo? Quite okay, as it turns out. Take a look at these three examples from Another Design blog
  • And finally, a feel good moment. Or feel less bad. Artist Justin Bettman has been trading bagels with the homeless in exchange for stories and photographs.

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