Found Objects 29/01/13

Here’s criticismism’s weekly selection of art links, gathered for your enjoyment:

  • A Belgian living in Mexico with a nice line in political interventions around the world: Modern Art Notes podcast scores an interview with Francis Alÿs
  • Mark Brown from the Guardian takes a look at the new Kurt Schwitters retrospective at Tate Britain, another reappraisal of art in these isles during the 20th century
  • Meanwhile, The Telegraph reports on another fugitive from the Nazis. But Imre Goth got in hot water for painting Goering as a morphine addict (and he was)
  • Roberta Smith reviews a show on Surrealism and drawing at the Morgan Library and Museum. Sounds completely brilliant
  • Also in the Guardian was an interview with Carl Andre ahead of his show at Margate. Emma Brockes probes him about murder accusations
  • Hyperallergic blogs about the new cultural expenses being given to Brazillian workers. Expect something of a golden age in that part of the world
  • The Independent sent Tom Peck along to Lolcats – The Exhibishun, a show given over to an internet meme. He wasn’t impressed
  • The Exhibition List carries a post about the Jimi Hendrix Memorial in Seattle, a work in progress by the sounds of it.
  • Artista blog revisits Colchester for a report on the fortunes of their newbuild gallery First Site. Curved walls were always going to make curating an additional challenge
  • Slate reviews a ‘new’ Werner Herzog film about (happy) snowbound hunters living in Siberia. You can just hear the voiceover already.

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