Found Objects 01/07/13

Feel free to peruse another bevvy of internet links:

  • Brian Dillon talks about the so-called Phantom Rides of the early 1900s and segues into an intelligent review of the Simon Starling piece of the same name, currently on show at Tate Britain
  • This is probably all kinds of reactionary, but does still hold a certain charm. Check out Salvation Mountain, the epic work of outsider artist Leonard Knight. (Thanks @felsteadwaddell)
  • @WriteWell tipped me off about this piece on the site of ABC News. A brave journalist recreates that visa-less Edward Snowden Moscow experience
  • A 700-1000 CE royal tomb filled with gold artefacts has been unearthed in Peru, but keep it hush hush. Archeological plunder is rampant here
  • Beverley Knowles caught a Marcia Farquhar performance in Venice and stayed for some more performance art by The Girls. Sounds fantastic in an uncomfortable way.
  • Spiegel Online interviews philosopher Renata Salecl. Check it out for some convincing views on the tyranny of choice, no irony intended by the inclusion in a selection of links
  • Jack Vettriano gets a shoeing in the Telegraph. You almost feel sorry for this populist painter who came away from a Bacon exhibition feeling like a sham
  • Here’s a bit of harmless fun. Korean designer Sang Mun has developed some fonts to foil the NSA. But “autocratic predators” will soon catch up
  • The snappily named Fathers4Justice endear themselves to art lovers everywhere when one of their campaigners carries out an ‘attack’ on Constable’s Hay Wain
  • And finally @Hrag wrote about some cat loving art lovers and their art loving cats, who favour above all the steel abstraction of Anthony Caro. No dog would ever get away with this.

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